Royal College of Surgeons Guide to Good Practice - Working in the Independent Sector

Date Published: 20th June 2022

The Royal College of Surgeons has recently published a guide to good practice, working in the independent sector - please click here to view or click here to download the PDF.

Of note RCS guidance states that, 

“Surgeons remain responsible for promotion or advertising carried out by a third party on their behalf and should therefore proactively ensure that any relevant information is not misleading or deceptive about their skills, experience, qualifications, professional status and current role. Advertisements must not minimise or trivialise the risks of surgical interventions and must not exploit patients’ vulnerability. Surgeons should also refrain from the use of inducements that may influence the patient’s decision and undermine the informed consent process, such as commercial discounts, time-limited offers or two-for-one offers.”

This is in keeping with BAHRS standards.