Full Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon Membership

This fee paying category is for Hair Transplant Surgeons who are fully registered with the General Medical Council and who regularly perform hair restoration surgery procedures. ‘Regularly’ shall be deemed an average of one per week for the previous year (i.e. 46-52 per year).

A Full Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon Member will be required to agree to the BAHRS Code of Conduct for Hair Transplant Surgeons and in so doing abide by the principles therein.

Benefits of Full Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon Membership

  • Collegiate interaction with other Hair Transplant Surgeons and professionals interest in hair loss and restoration
  • Free membership to the Cosmetic Redress Scheme
  • 12-months free listing on Compare the Treatment
  • Professional documents for appraisal/revalidation
  • Free or discounted entry to aesthetic meetings affiliated with the BAHRS
  • Access to Continuing Medical Education (CME)


Subscription for Full Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon Members is £400 per 12-month period which runs from date of payment.


A reference from a BAHRS surgeon member (Full Medical Member or Affiliate Hair Transplant Surgeon Member) must be received prior to the application being considered. 

Professional Obligations

Please read and digest all of the points below; you will be asked to confirm that you have done so on the following application. By ticking the box on the application you are assuring the Association that you have read and agree to abide by all the obligations listed below.


As a Full Medical Member Hair Transplant Surgeon you agree to :

  • never allow a Hair Transplant Surgical Assistant to make FUE incisions, make recipient site incisions (including with a sharp implanter), or perform any other surgical steps of a hair transplant procedure.
  • NOT advertise discounts or misleading messages including those listed by the ISHRS such as ‘painless’, ‘scarless’, ‘non-invasive’, ‘not requiring incision’, ‘no cutting’, ‘no touch’, ‘hair multiplication’ or ‘eliminates the need for further procedures’
  • be truthful in your advertising, not claim to be ‘the best’ or equivalent, and will be responsible for the website content of any party that advertises your services or that you are affiliated with.

Apply for Full Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon Membership