FUE - the instrumentation

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The hair transplantation industry has tremendously evolved over the past couple of years. In order to achieve great results for patients, it should be a perfect balance between a natural-looking hairline and good density. In order to achieve this, a good technique associated with good instrumentation is essential.

The procedures of the hair transplant industry have undergone many revolutionary changes in the past, from Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in 1939 to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in 2002. In any procedure, obtaining good quality, healthy, and chubby grafts while reducing the transection rate (less than 5%) is considered the key factor for a successful surgery now.

While talking about the FUE, the instrumentation used for performing the surgery plays a vital role. The number of hairs per graft, the damage caused to the hair follicles, the size of the scars, the speed of the harvesting process, and the number of grafts reached at the end of the day are all factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the equipment for the surgery. 

Easy Extraction of the grafts:

This comes as a major obstacle for surgeons as they deal will two different textures of the tissues, the skin tissues which are relatively hard to penetrate the epidermis than dealing with the dermis as the subcutaneous tissue is soft and requires simple dissection, therefore, oscillatory motion can provide a simple extraction. WAW FUE System lets you choose the movement you require at these different stages i.e., rotation for the penetration of the epidermis followed by oscillation for the dissection of subcutaneous tissues. The major advantage of oscillation is avoidance of the complete twisting of the follicle and penetrating the punch deep enough allows to remove of the follicle effortlessly, however, the dissection of the dermis and hypodermis requires neither force nor high speed. The combination of the WAW FUE System with our special hybrid tornado punch helps considerably in achieving high-quality grafts easily.


Low Transection Rate and Healthy Grafts:

The serrated hybrid tornado punch offers the advantages of a blunt and sharp punch combined in one that helps to penetrate the skin causing minimal trauma to the surrounding areas. Due to its unique shape, the graft quality is chubbier, richer, and high which contributes to a lower transection rate and missing grafts (less than 5%). The size of the punch is also a very important factor in determining the quality of the graft. The smaller punch diameter results in a smaller FUE scar, and with the hybrid tornado punch where the size is always referring to external diameter, the scar is so small that it is likely to be invisible to the naked eye which helps in faster healing of the wounding and faster harvesting of the healthy follicles. With the hybrid tornado punch, due to its inner blunt characteristic, the hair follicle smoothly slides into the punch resulting in a lesser transection rate. The hybrid tornado punch with its unique shape reduces the friction between the follicular unit and punch as much as possible. The major advantage of oscillation is avoidance of the complete twisting of the follicle and penetrating the punch deep enough allows to remove of the follicle effortlessly, however, the dissection of the dermis and hypodermis requires neither force nor high speed. Therefore, our system has the ability to penetrate deep enough 4-5mm without damaging the follicles.

Different angular motions and Speeds:

To operate on the different types of skins and tissues, surgeons need different angular speeds to achieve the best results. WAW FUE System is designed to produce more power even at low speed, simultaneously offering great accuracy. The pedal offers both oscillation and rotation punch movements allowing deeper penetration around the hair shaft without damaging the follicular unit. The surgeon is allowed to change the angulation settings as per his comfort. The foot pedal enables the doctors to perform an FUE surgery with great precision, exactly like pure manual work. Simple, yet effective tool for beginner-level surgeons. The transition from selecting manual settings to having everything at your fingertips via an app is a new step toward making the analysis of the surgery easier than ever for the surgeons.


Trauma could be caused to the grafts while loading, placement, and twisting to adjust their angle of exit after placement. With the dull implanter, since the grafts are placed in the premade slits, the ease of implantation is increased as the implantation becomes much faster, and we can plant in any position. Chubbier grafts have a better survival rate. Since the waw implanters are multi graft implanters, the following are the advantages dull implanters offer:

  • Allows faster, more efficient transplantation
  • Higher survival rate of the grafts
  • reduced trauma during graft handling
  • decreased time of surgery
  • decreased bleeding during the recipient site creation.


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