The BAHRS maintains Codes of Conduct which it expects its members to abide by. If you have direct knowledge that a BAHRS member have violated of their Code of Conduct, you may submit a complaint against that member using the BAHRS Complaint Form and it will be reviewed by the BAHRS Ethics Committee.

The BAHRS will only consider complaints alleging behaviour by a BAHRS member in violation of their Code of Conduct, and will not consider complaints:

(i) alleging medical malpractice;

(ii) submitted by anyone who does not have direct knowledge of the alleged violation of the Code;

(iii) filed more than 1 year of the date Complainant was aware of, or in the opinion of the Chair (or of the Committee, if the matter is submitted to the Committee) should have been aware of, facts giving rise to the alleged violation of the Code; 

(iv) otherwise not compliant with BAHRS's Code of Conduct Disciplinary Procedures (“Procedures”).

Complainants should be aware that they must give permission for their complaint and their identity to be disclosed to the Respondent. Complaints that meet the requirements will be addressed in accordance with the Procedures.

In order to file a complaint, you must first verify that the person you wish to file a complaint against is a current member of the BAHRS by clicking here. Then download and complete the Complaint Form and return to

If you believe a BAHRS member has acted in violation of the law or his/her licensure, or has/is jeopardizing patient safety, you may consider contacting their licensing authority which in the case of doctors is the General Medical Council.

Review these documents:


If the hair transplant surgeon you have a concern about is not a BAHRS member, or you have a concern about a hair transplant clinic, you can file a complaint about them with the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners ( by following the instructions at

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) requires all hair transplant surgery clinics in England to have an internal complaints procedure which should be available upon request

All service providers are required by law to signpost their customers to a government authorised consumer redress scheme. If the internal complaints process fails to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome, mediation can be considered.

There are many solicitors who deal with medical malpractice but not many with specific expertise to do with hair restoration surgery. If litigation is being considered, Mr Marcos Eleftheriou from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors can be contacted at