The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery is a non-profit association of professionals practising in the British Isles with an interest in hair loss, hair restoration including hair transplant surgery, hair research and education.
Its purposes as laid out in the Associations Constitution include:

  • To promote the understanding and reputation of hair restoration surgery in the United Kingdom.
  • To foster the communication of information relating to hair restoration surgery amongst members, other practitioners and other professional bodies.
  • To advance all aspects of the professional practice of hair restoration surgery to high standards of competence, conduct and ethics and to promote education in appropriate skills.
  • To represent members, to assist members to protect their interests, and to offer members support in matters relating to hair restoration surgery practice.
  • To determine the appropriate membership category for persons with an interest in hair restoration.
  • To promote the knowledge of the purpose and membership of the Association.
  • To affiliate to or become a member of and to encourage affiliateship with or membership of associations or societies whose objects are similar to those of the Association, both in other countries and trans-nationally.
  • To organise and conduct scientific programs and meetings for the benefit of members of the Association and maintain appropriate databases and records relating to the Associations objects.


All BAHRS Members are expected to sign the Code of Conduct relevant to their profession which outlines the honourable behaviour expected of them.

Furthermore, the BAHRS prides itself in having set Professional Standards for Hair Transplant Surgeons and Hair Transplant Surgical Assistants. These standards deal with principles of practice and are not meant to address clinical outcomes. The BAHRS does not have authority to discipline doctors who fail to comply with the BAHRS Professional Standards for Hair Transplant Surgeons (members of the public who have concerns about a doctors conduct need to report these to the General Medical Council) but it does retain the right to expel doctors from the Association whose behaviour is found to be at odds with standards set by the Association.

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